Feathers in flight

V Santharam

chestnut-headed-bee-eater Birdwatching can be a pleasurable hobby and is one of the most popular outdoor activities in several countries. It is gaining popularity in our country as well. Almost every major city has a birdwatchers’ group which studies and photographs birds.

Birdwatching need not be a part of a biology class, it can start as a fun activity outside school hours. Slowly, one can draw the children into a more serious study through projects and activities that could make birdwatching a meaningful pastime. Unlike in some of the western countries, we have very little data on the natural history and biology of our birds. It is up to amateurs and individuals to fill in the void from their own observations. I hope this article will help teachers start their children on some projects that are simple to execute but at the same time informative and educative.

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