Experimenting in Math

S K Mahajan

It is a common belief among students that the subject of Mathematics has exhausted all possibilities of growth; that it is complete and has been fully explored. Therefore, the subject does not enthuse students as it should. To build students’ interest in Mathematics, schools have started introducing Mathematics laboratories. Through this article I wish to share with the readers what my students and I discovered during a Maths lab class.

maths While doing the following activity a new discovery was made. Two paper straws of length 4 cm and 5 cm are pinned at one end to a soft board as shown in Fig.(1). While OA remains fixed, OB hinged at O can be rotated to any position. At any instant when O, A and B are non collinear, a circle of radius R1 will pass through them. The intersection points of the circle with OA and OB will form the triangle OAB when A and B are joined.

The author is Director, Angel Valley School, Bhilai. He can be reached at [email protected].

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