Event-ful Learning

Dr. Lalit Kishore

At any given point of time, a number of events are happening around us. Sporting events offer entertainment and opportunities to socialise. The commercial factor too cannot be ignored. Such events also offer platforms for learning and teachers can, with some advance planning, take advantage of them to offer out-of-the-ordinary lessons. This article presents one such lesson for Grade 8, linking with space figures and geometric solids.

During the months of June and July 2006, young people everywhere were in the grip of football fever due to the World Cup tournament. In order to relate the event to science learning, we devised an activity: to make a soccer ball with a truncated icosahedron made using paper. This was preceded by a demonstration with a chalk box being cut in a net and rejoining it to make a cuboid. It was followed by the laboratory activity of cutting out a truncated icosahedron net and folding it to make the soccer ball.

Dr. Lalit Kishore is Senior Fellow at the Center for Unfolding Learning Potentials, Jaipur. He can be reached at [email protected]

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