Engendering sensitivity

Usha Mukunda

books Ask some 8 to 10 year-olds what they understand by peace, and the answers you get will make you stop and think. “Uhhh… calm, silent… dullish, a bit boring… not war?.” Now try ‘compassion’ or ‘sensitivity’… . See what I mean?

How can we convey ‘abstract’ concepts to children so that they understand and relate to them? The key seems to lie in imaginative writing that can breathe vibrant life into themes and issues which we all encounter in everyday situations. Stories that have the impact to make children pause and reflect, and perhaps act when opportunities arise. The Karuna Kit, as the name implies, brings together a unique collection of such stories dealing sensitively with enduring values. A total of 16 themes have been identified, and excellent stories and writings by different authors have been compiled to form this kit.

The author teaches at Centre for Learning, Bangalore. She can be reached at [email protected].

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