Economic concepts served hot with pizza

Khushboo Khandelwal

As teachers of children in a modern world, we are expected to reach out to our students and customize our teaching strategies to suit both sets of students – those that are curious and look forward to learning, and those that wonder why they need to learn. And it is a challenge teaching both these sets of students.

pizza-sales In my years of teaching, I have observed three things in students.

  • No matter whether good or average, students start losing their concentration after 15 to 20 minutes if there is no activity in class.
  • It is very important for the students to understand the rationale behind their learning. My students often ask me, “How useful and applicable is what I am learning in life?”
  • They love an element of surprise in the class.

I often try different activities and methods of teaching in my class so that both my students and I never feel fatigued with learning. Of course not all these activities are successful with my students, but here I share with you one that I received good reviews for from my class.

The fundraiser
Stage 1: Planning the fundraiser

  • Ask your students to organize a small fundraiser.
  • Let them start by thinking about what resources they will require. Make a list.
  • Students can be given a small loan from the school to help them begin.
  • Let them brainstorm what they want to produce or sell and note down their choices. List the top three choices.
  • Ask your students to do a quick survey in the school to understand the choice of the consumer group, the demand for different products, and the price the consumers are willing to pay for the products.
  • Let a group of students collate the results of the product demanded and the price the consumers are willing to pay. Write the top three choices with the price range.

The author is a IBDP and IGCSE business and economics teacher at Pathways School Noida. She can be reached at

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