Dice games in the primary classroom

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

tool1The dice is essentially a randomizer. Since it helps create random numbers, you can use the dice for activities that require random numbers. For instance, instead of giving students the numbers to solve math problems, let children generate their own numbers by throwing the dice and then do the problems. You can then get the children to check each other’s answers (classwork or even homework), thereby multiplying the learning.

While we talk about the use of dice in classroom, any other randomizer can also be used for the activities listed below (for a list of zero cost randomizers please visit www.geniekids.com/randomizers). But what separates the dice from other randomizers is that it has dots on it, which makes it easy for children to count and know the number; they also automatically relate the quantity to the number.

The authors run Geniekids, a learning centre in Bangalore that works with children. To know more about their work visit www.geniekids.com.

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