From the military camp

The English language has absorbed words from a variety of sources. The men in uniform too have made their contribution to the language. Words Unlimited discusses some words that came from the military world.

Plagiarise the kidnapper?

S Upendran
The Internet has been affectionately dubbed the ‘information highway’; and like most highways, it has been paved with good intentions.

Colour me red

S Upendran
A red letter day in the annals of cinema for the ardent Indian movie buff, February 23, 2009.

A rose by any other name

S Upendran
When we started going to school and began learning English, what were the first things we were taught?

Tennis anyone?

S Upendran
T S Eliot had once referred to April as being the cruellest month. If the potty poet had been a tennis buff like yours truly, he would have slipped the word ‘December’ into the opening line of his incomprehensible poem ‘Wasteland’.

Mere desh ki dharti…

This time the author ponders about Indian independence and the freedom and respect that teachers get in independent India.

Want a bribe, Minister?

S Upendran
The person who came up with the rather curious saying, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ couldn’t possibly have been an Indian.