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November 2013, Words Unlimited »

[1 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on Movember or November? | ]

S Upendran

How November got its name, what this month is famous for, and what the highlights of this month are. Find out in this times Words Unlimited.

October 2013, Words Unlimited »

[1 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on Oktoberfest | ]

S Upendran
Why is Oktoberfest observed in the month of October and how did it get its name? What are the other events that make this month special? Continuing our series on months and their names.

September 2013, Words Unlimited »

[3 Sep 2013 | Comments Off on “Come September” | ]

S Upendran

Moving ahead to the month of September–how did this month get its name? What are the important things September is famous for?

August 2013, Words Unlimited »

[2 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on August: the ‘venerable’ month | ]

S Upendran
Like July, August is also a month where gods are not honoured. Instead, according to the Roman calendar, it is named after the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. He brought peace and prosperity to his country. August is also known for other wars that took place around the world,namely the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

July 2013, Words Unlimited »

[1 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on Hay month | ]

S Upendran

July has the distinction of being only one of two months that is not named after a god. Why is that? Find out in this month’s Words Unlimited.

May-June 2013, Words Unlimited »

[3 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on May, June: Celebrating the old and young | ]

Continuing our series on how months got their names, we focus this time on the months of May and June.

April 2013, Words Unlimited »

[2 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on All fool’s day | ]

S Upendran

April is the fool’s month. How did the month come to get its name? Why do people play pranks on each other on 1st April? And what does Greek goddess have to do with this month?

March 2013, Words Unlimited »

[1 Mar 2013 | Comments Off on Mars rules | ]

S Upendran
March is normally associated with the beginning of spring, and with the harsh winter behind, the change in season also calls for action. What or who else is March associated with? Read on.

February 2013, Words Unlimited »

[5 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on February: the month of purification | ]

S Upendran

February these days reminds us only of Valentine’s day but the month is also home to many other days such as… Read on.

January 2013, Words Unlimited »

[2 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Ringing in the new year | ]

S Upendran
Here are a few interesting ways in which one can usher in the New Year.