Bringing Harry Potter to class

Sonali Bhatia

Harry Potter is very popular with young adults and that makes these books an attractive teaching tool. Use the Harry Potter books to instill values and life skills in your students.

Mixing the old into the new

Anumeha Fatehpuria

Puppets are among the attractive teaching aids for primary school. Puppets can range from being extremely complicated to being extremely simple. Their adaptability and flexibility allows teachers to use them in many different ways. Here is how to teach the concept of less and more using very simple puppets.

What makes a question paper tick?

Usha Ravi

Another academic year is coming to a close and examinations are round the corner. Teachers are busy preparing question papers for the final exam and this article covers certain important features of how a question paper should be set. A standard question paper can be prepared if the teachers put their heart and soul into it.

Moulding with melody

Sujata C

Music, it has been said, enhances the mind’s ability to absorb knowledge. Music is often used in primary school, in the form of rhymes, songs, or dance, to teach children. But children in middle and high school are not treated to musical lessons. When there is enough evidence that music alerts the mind then why don’t we use it more often with the older children as well?

Lessons from a comic frame

Deepali Sagar Bajaj

If comics can be used to teach English language then why not use it to teach other subjects as well. Here’s how you can create your own comics to teach topics in history.

Math Talk – a powerful tool

Gopal Midha

Can math be learnt by talking and not by just scribbling numbers in your notebook? This article gives an insight into how this can be done.

Keeping things real

Sonika Lakhera

As teachers we are constantly on the look out for innovative and resourceful teaching aids. While the idea of using the newspaper as a teaching tool is not very new, how we use this tool in the classroom is unique to each of us. In this article, a young teacher shares her experience.

Linking geography with life

Susheela Raghavan

Geography in schools stays in the textbooks, the globes and the maps. If the subject has to appeal to children it is necessary that you pull geography out of the textbook and bring it into the lives of your students. Here are some activities that show you how you can achieve this.

Fake and fun learning

Sunita Biswas
Fakebook is a new technology-driven teaching tool that is amazing because it educates while it entertains. Cloned on the hugely popular social networking site, Facebook, it is very easy to use because you do not need to log in, there is no password and above all, it is free!.

What will you be when you grow up?

Making a career choice can seem daunting to students who have just passed their board exams. Here is a ready reckoner in the form of a matrix that can help a student map his strengths and interests. This self- assessment tool can help a student avoid making the wrong choices.