An educator’s legacy

Kavita Anand

There are some people who have left a deeper impact on the way education is perceived than others. Kabir Jaithirtha’s ideas of sharing and generating knowledge have helped not just his students imbibe a new culture of learning but also several of his fellow educators.

Thoughts on Vinoba’s Thoughts on

Simran Luthra

Vinoba Bhave is most kown for his ‘Bhoodan movement’ in the early years of the Indian independence. But Vinoba was also a thinker and philospher with strong views on education. And while Vinoba’s views on education were fomed several decades ago, this author finds how most of Vinoba’s thinking stands true of education in today’s times as well.

Saluting a Visionary

In the month of September who better to talk about than Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan? Deepa Onkar traces the evolution of Radhakrishnan’s vision of modern Indian education.

The School That Tagore Built

Deepa Onkar
In her series on great thinkers and educators from India, the author in this issues writes about Rabindranath Tagore’s idea of education.

The Whole, Not The Part

Deepa Onkar
The first of a series of seven articles on modern Indian educators and thinkers, this one features Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Learning from Gandhi

by Deepa Onkar.
Gandhi’s vision of education is intrinsically linked with the idea of individual and national freedom.