Values and all that

What values are we imparting to our children? That success is everything and that once they achieve it, everything is roses and bliss? But life has a lot of ups and downs and the values we impart to them should help children carry on through the good and the bad.

Can teachers be friends?

It is true that children sometimes consider their teachers to be their enemies. This probably is because most teachers believe that if children have to respect them and listen to what they say then they have to appear strict. But teachers and students can and should be friends.

Gender equality in the classroom

Gender stereotypes are perpetuated in every social institution and schools are no exceptions. It is important for teachers to consciously treat their boy and girl students alike and develop gender neutral teaching material and encourage girls and boys to be high achievers.

School – A nightmare for students

C Radhakrishnan
Most of us have met someone in the course of our school lives who has made us feel bad about ourselves. For some, it could have been a teacher or a headmaster.

Bringing dance to the classroom

V R Devika
Dance? Bharathanatyam…? What are you going to do with it…? Are you not too old to learn it…? Etc., etc., etc.

Literacy and reading programs

Reading as an activity is not really encouraged in the average Indian school. Various organizations working in the field of education including governments are attempting to change this. But are they doing it the right way?

Experiencing grading

Anil Seth
I have a vivid memory of the last time I got marks. It was in the 8th class. We had a special course on technical drawing.

Educating for moral development

Gurveen Kaur

That there is a need for moral education in school there is no doubt. But despite all the years of value education and moral science classes we have failed to instill morality in our children. Why? Because all these years the focus was on teaching moral values rather than on supporting the moral development of children.