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April 2018, Things to Think About »

[3 Apr 2018 | Comments Off on The CCE conundrum | ]

Garima Bansal
The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme is back in focus in this article after the CBSE brought in formal testing and reintroduced student detention. The author asks if the CCE had intensified the pressure on children with excessive testing of students, what then is the alternative? How can students be assessed to ensure effective learning? While citing the case of Scotland where the problems were dealt with, she suggests that the immediate need of the hour will be to identify what went wrong with the CCE and how it can be addressed.

March 2018, Things to Think About »

[1 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Gap year – lost in translation | ]

Kiran Gandhi

Taking a year off to decide on a future for oneself makes perfect sense but is there any sense in parents encouraging their children to take the year off to train to write exams to get into top engineering and medical colleges? If a student is taking time off in life let it be to find a direction for himself and not for any other reason.

February 2018, Things to Think About »

[1 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Tools to develop a school culture | ]

Brendan MacCarthaigh
How can a school develop a culture that is collaborative, joyous, and participative? Cooperative learning is one way. Another tool is the simple factor of applause. Team applause for correct answers, or for presenting an item during a concert— little things— but they go a long way in building a culture of team work, of pride , and of cooperation.

January 2018, Things to Think About »

[29 Dec 2017 | Comments Off on The killer whale | ]

Sana Mujawar

The Blue whale was one of the most destructive games that appeared on the Internet in 2017. The game led several young people to suicide. While the game developer seemed to have some perverted idea for developing this game, one wonders whether the game was the only reason for all those young adults committing suicide.

November 2017, Things to Think About »

[1 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on A feeling for numbers | ]

Pooja Keshavan Singh

At its basic level mathematics is necessary for every individual, but beyond that one doesn’t need mathematics for survival. Why then have we elevated the subject to such importance that our children actually feel suffocated? Let us not create frustrated and angry students who hate mathematics. Let us give them the space to understand and love the world of numbers.

October 2017, Things to Think About »

[3 Oct 2017 | One Comment | ]

Joyita Banerjee
Can anybody teach? Is proficiency in a subject at college level and a desire to teach enough to enter into the practice of teaching? With professionals from different fields entering into teaching, it is imperative to find out what separates a subject graduate from a qualified teacher. What is the content knowledge that a person must have apart from his or her passion towards teaching?

August 2017, Things to Think About »

[1 Aug 2017 | One Comment | ]

Vikash Sharma
School assemblies are a daily ritual in most schools. The process is mechanical and does not involve any meaningful engagement either by the teachers or the children. Are assemblies then just an example of hierarchy and authority that is exercised everyday to instill discipline? How do children respond when they are given the liberty to do as they please? Here are some insights.

July 2017, Things to Think About »

[3 Jul 2017 | One Comment | ]

Vishal Varia

As a teacher have you grappled with this problem of what homework to give today? Well you are not alone. Indeed what homework can one give to students so that it interests them, helps them learn and motivates them? Here are a few suggestions.

April 2017, Things to Think About »

[3 Apr 2017 | Comments Off on Sources and signs of stress | ]

Jean Ireland

Are exams the only thing that bother young adults? What are the different sources and signs of stress among our adolescents? What can we as teachers and parents do to help them?

March 2017, Things to Think About »

[2 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on Observing the classroom | ]

Gopal Midha If you have been teaching for many years, at some time or another, you may have had an observer in your room. Usually sitting at the back of the classroom, she would be looking closely at what you write on the black/smart board, taking note of what you say and how the students […]