The underlying hurt

Vandini Sharma
What can a teacher do if she is not in the right frame of mind to teach? Does she take the help of students to slow down or does she vent her frustration at the students? This article will give the teacher some tips on how to handle such situations.

The magic of the explanatory teacher

Vandini Sharma

As teachers we all have different ways of teaching our students. But have we ever asked them what kind of teachers they like? Do they like teachers who move about a lot and talk? Or do they like teachers who stand and deliver? Do they prefer their teachers friendly or do they like it if the relationship is more formal? A student writes about who she thinks is the ideal teacher.

Clued out… or clued in?

Kavish H Hajarnavis

This is a budding young writer’s impression of a book that he just finished reading.

Why I write

Anuschka Goenka

Do you write? If you do, have you ever thought why you write? This students shares how an English class helped her discover a passion for writing.

Reaching across, building bridges

Chintan Girish Modi

December 16, 2014 will come to be considered a black day in education as nearly 140 innocent children lost their lives inTaliban’s attack of the Army Public School in Peshawar. In this short piece students in India share their heartfelt grief.

Multi-threaded math

Ragini Ramalingam
Is mathematics only about numbers? Is it too abstract? How can one get interested in this subject? This article explains why mathematics can be a life-changer and how it is linked to other sciences.

A class apart

strong>Ramya Ramalingam
A class becomes what it is not just due to the pupils or the teacher but the way lessons are taught. A student’s take on why she finds her music class and her music teacher the best among all.

Once upon an afternoon in Pathanwadi

Joanita Pinto

Children are unpredictable. A group of children from a small government school in a Mumbai slum took Joanita by complete surprise with their confidence and knowledge.

A place to dare and dream

Jaya Rangarajan
Are we making the world a safe place for our children? As concerned parents, teachers and citizens, it is the responsibility of adults to ensure that children can nurture their dreams, and for this, it is important that adults change the world into a place that respects the dignity of children.

Getting ready for school

Srividhya Chandrasekaran

Sending her tiny tot off to his first school is always a trying time for a mother. A young mother shares her anxiety along with giving us suggestions on how the mother and the child can make this new phase in their lives a tension free one.