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April 2018, Teaching Practice »

[3 Apr 2018 | Comments Off on The here and now: why it matters | ]

Sharoon Sunny
How can teachers go about their day by being immersed ‘in’ the moment? Can they practice ‘mindful’ living in their classrooms?How can the techniques of mindfulness be used to harness the power of attention in the classroom?The teacher must first learn to practice it herself. This will help the teacher in sustaining the practice in the classroom. By bringing this practice into the classroom, teachers will find that their stress levels decrease, there is more attention among the students and their interpersonal relationships also improve. Here are a few activities that teachers can do with their students.

March 2018, Teaching Practice »

[1 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on A dose of discovery | ]
A dose of discovery

Sudha Mahajan

Gone are the days when teachers used to stand at the head of the class delivering lectures. This is the day and age of self learning. And what is the role of the teacher here? Creating an environment for self learning for the child. Here are some strategies to help you set up such an environment for your students.

January 2018, Teaching Practice »

[29 Dec 2017 | Comments Off on Making science popular | ]

Kishor Kulkarni

Science is best learned through active engagement with it. Here are some activities that you can try in your class to make the subject more lively and fun for your students.

November 2017, Teaching Practice »

[1 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on The evaporation of ideas | ]

Alex M Thomas

Jotting down notes is an important practice that every learner must inculcate, for it is these notes that can lead to better understanding and development of ideas.

August 2017, Teaching Practice »

[1 Aug 2017 | Comments Off on Learning the e-way | ]

Aditi Chandrasekar
How does online teaching compare with teaching face to face? Does one score over the other and are students satisfied with learning online? This is an article where the author has been on both sides of the fence, and is able to clearly explain the pluses and the minuses.

August 2017, Teaching Practice »

[1 Aug 2017 | Comments Off on When sharing leads to learning | ]

Preeti Chadha Sadh
How second graders in a language classroom learnt to write a poem based on their experiences is what this article is all about.

January 2017, Teaching Practice »

[4 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Real-life context in school mathematics: Not really! | ]

Shweta Shripad Naik Often, educators as part of their teaching, attempt to bring familiar/known examples from students’ lives into the classroom. When teaching mathematics in schools, this happens on several occasions and in various degrees. Teachers use real life contexts when introducing a concept or conveying a math problem or even while correcting a solution. […]

November 2016, Teaching Practice »

[2 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Getting a grip on geography | ]

Anindita Dutta, Ashmita Chatterjee, Shazia Akhtar
This lesson on States and their Capitals was prepared for a competition that required teachers to use technology to teach students— namely music tracks, power point presentations and movies. The result was that the teachers used all the eight multiple intelligences to teach the topic.

November 2016, Teaching Practice »

[2 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Operations on Sets | ]

Sukanya De, Suman Sarda
Algebra comes alive in this teaching methodology used by teachers to teach the complicated concept of Sets. The lesson plan was designed to explain abstract mathematical concepts in a simple, lucid way by developing a connection with real life situations. Audio- visual aids were used such as pictures, videos and photographs, all of which were put together into a movie.

July 2016, Teaching Practice »

[4 Jul 2016 | Comments Off on Is it time to adapt to BYOD? | ]

Nikhil Eyeroor

With the education technology market growing by leaps and bounds, the question that is now being asked is ,”can children bring their own digital devices to school?” The devices can include smart phones, laptops,tablets, computers etc. It is up to schools to think about the benefits or otherwise and decide accordingly.