The science in music

Souparnika. N. K and Niranjana. N. K

If you thought that scientists are people who are immersed only in their research and have very little time for anything else, you are wrong. All these famous scientists have found deep pleasure in music as well.


Ritu Gopal
The colour yellow invokes many beautiful images in the mind. Read why yellow is more than just a colour.

Tea time

After-school centres for children are mushrooming in every Indian city. Here’s taking a look at some such centres around Hyderabad.

A “class” of words

Do you know the etymology of words associated with a school? For instance, words like teach or mentor.

Medicine by other names

While Allopathy is the most recognized form of medicine in the world, there are other older kinds of medicines that still survive. Here is a look at the more popular ones.