The science in music

Souparnika. N. K and Niranjana. N. K

If you thought that scientists are people who are immersed only in their research and have very little time for anything else, you are wrong. All these famous scientists have found deep pleasure in music as well.


Ritu Gopal
The colour yellow invokes many beautiful images in the mind. Read why yellow is more than just a colour.

Tea time

After-school centres for children are mushrooming in every Indian city. Here’s taking a look at some such centres around Hyderabad.

Eyes on The Prize

Awards, accolades and honours are some of the ways in which we show our appreciation to bodies of work that are inspirational, educative and thought provoking.

Eternal Wonder

Did you know that bamboo is the tallest grass? This scrap book gives you more such interesting facts about this grass besides talking about the many uses of bamboo from building to clothes.

Fan Facts

In the 18th century fans were used as a means of communication! Read to find out the history of the fan and its various uses.

Measuring Time

Have you ever wondered what our early calendars were like? Who developed the first calendar? You will find answers to these and more questions in this article.