How to teach students to not give up on life

Anindita Bhattacharya

As educators and teachers, our duty to our students does not end with us fulfilling our academic responsibilities. In these highly volatile times with adolescents, especially, becoming more and more vulnerable and succumbing to outside pressures, we have to be on the alert and provide them with the care and support they need to fight adversities and stress.

“…absent, miss!”

Absentiesm is a chronic problem, especially in rural schools whose students often have to decide between going to school and working to earn a living. Can we think of innovative solutions to help such students stay in school?

Leading by example

Rubina Majid

It is not just the role of the teacher but also that of the principal that is changing. Meet the new-age principal.

Yes, it is my school

Jeny Rapheal

A sense of responsibility comes with ownership. If schools want their teachers to give them their best, then schools have to create a feeling of “mine-ness” among their staff. And how can they do that? Here are a few suggestions.

School blues

E T Arasu

There are some problems common to most schools. Three such problems and their possible solutions have been discussed here.

Teachers of a different kind

Lakshmi Karunakaran

A dog is man’s best friend, but can it also become his teacher? Schools in Germany are finding out how much dogs can teach children in terms of responsibility, coordination, concern and care giving by having school dogs. While Indian schools are yet to adopt dogs, we are slowly warming up to the idea of therapy dogs to work with the differently-abled children in schools.

Smarter bus dispersal

Neerja Singh

The most harrowing time for any school is the end of the day when it is time for children to go home. If we keep a few simple things in mind, this stressful time can be made a lot less harried.

Sky is The Limit!

Parul Sharma
Measuring and rewarding the right kind of performance forms the cornerstone of any well functioning system of incentives.

A Framework for Change

Shalini Advani Schools are, or they ought to be, dynamic, changing organisations if they are to be effective in educating our children. A school which does not think about how to develop, how to constantly grow, is a dead organisation Read More …