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March 2018, Research in Action »

[1 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Letting children think things through for themselves | ]

Neeraja Raghavan

Are we spoon-feeding and spoiling our children by giving them all the answers? The next time a student asks us a question, let us not jump up to give them the answer, instead let us encourage them to find the answer for themselves.

January 2018, Research in Action »

[29 Dec 2017 | Comments Off on Reading the book of memory: teacher narratives | ]

Neeraja Raghavan

Often as a teacher, if you sit back and think about it, you realize that knowingly or unknowingly you are emulating you own teachers–be it their good practices or mostly their bad. While the good practices are fine it is necessary that teachers reflect on their teaching methodologies and consciously work to remove any bad practices they maybe following.

October 2017, Research in Action »

[3 Oct 2017 | Comments Off on The power of reading | ]

Neeraja Raghavan
The power of the word and an individual’s ability to read and understand can be awesome. This article in the RIA series takes us through the journey of a teacher, a student and a life- changing friendship. This deeply moving book is a story of Michelle Kuo– the teacher and her student ,Patrick Browning and how she steers his literary awakening. And how does she do this? She gets him to read, read and read! A must read book for teachers too.

August 2017, Research in Action »

[31 Jul 2017 | Comments Off on Deepening conceptual understanding… teachers in response | ]

Teacher Plus would like to thank its readers who have been writing in to share their views on the article Deepening conceptual understanding, which was published in its April 2017 edition. We give here in detail some of the responses we received. Asiya Arshi, Oakridge International School Can you recall instances of teaching a concept […]

July 2017, Research in Action »

[3 Jul 2017 | Comments Off on What are your beliefs as a teacher? | ]

Neeraja Raghavan

In her column this time, Neeraja Raghavan, analyzes the chapter of a book that asks teachers to undertake a few exercises to find out how their teaching philosophies evolved and whether they are as effective as the teachers thought they would be.

April 2017, Research in Action »

[3 Apr 2017 | Comments Off on Deepening conceptual understanding | ]

Neeraja Raghavan

As teachers, surely we have all encountered many misconceptions that children hold. In this brief report of a research paper, the author talks of how teachers can go about first learning the misconceptions that children have and then prompting them to unlearn these and setting them on the right path of knowledge.

February 2017, Research in Action »

[3 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on Discipline through punishment? | ]

Neeraja Raghavan

This month Teacher Plus introduces a new column that looks to bring research in the educational sector to the classroom. In this first article, the author looks at how a teacher’s disciplining strategies can affect the students’ motivational levels and their impression of the teacher.