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March 2016, Project »

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Usha Raman

What is ‘codes’ doing in Teacher Plus when one usually associates this word with mysteries and thrillers? Actually there is a lot one can learn from this exciting topic–history, language, science, and even mathematics. Would you like to know how?

January 2016, Project »

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Sujata C

A part of our body we are always concerned about is the hair. We love it. We despise it. We worry over it. So let’s take this constant attention a little beyond and see what we can learn about and from hair. Get your students to work on this very interesting topic and you will be amazed at the wide scope of learning that hair has to offer.

October 2015, Project »

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Taijrani Rampersaud
In an era of the Internet and smart phones , does anybody even think of the radio? As a matter of fact, yes. A remarkably inexpensive communication medium, the radio has innumerable uses. Its basic and important characteristic is that it does not have any boundaries. Here is a wonderful article that celebrates the radio and how, even now it can be used as a teaching tool.

August 2015, Project »

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Jyotsna Vijapurkar
Is the earth really round? Children have difficulty in imagining the earth to be round. They think that if this is so, then why is it that people do not fall off, they wonder if we live on the earth or in the earth. The project on this topic addresses the root of all these conceptual problems by getting children to work on a lot of activities. Try out all of them and your students will be better of for this fun learning.

March 2015, Project »

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Sujata C
Steel can be found everywhere. It is an all-weather, all-terrain metal, it is recyclable, hygienic and very dependable. Just think, is there any industry or aspect of modern life that remains untouched by this versatile material?

January 2015, Project »

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Can you think of a number of objects that are round in shape? If you care to look around, you will find them everywhere in all the utility tasks that you do on an everyday basis. Our theme for the Project this time is Wheels. From mathematics to language to art, the wheel and its circular motion is present. Read up this interesting article and get your class to do a project on wheels.

October 2014, Project »

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Usha Raman

On an average, if your students spend two hours watching the television, they probably watch half an hour of advertisements. There are a lot of learning moments in those half hours. Here’s a fun and educative project which tells you how you can teach children through advertisements and about them.

August 2014, Project »

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Sujata C
The Earth is the only known planet with a soil cover. The word ‘Earth’ originally meant soil, later …

March 2014, Project »

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Seetha Anand Vaidyam and Usha Raman

Chess, pacheesi, snakes and ladders, hop-scotch, kite flying—all traditional games that go far beyond just entertaining the players. Get you children to do a project on traditional games and open up for them a world of culture, values, history, geography, and much more.

January 2014, Project »

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Sujata C

The coconut is called the ‘fruit of life’ for a good reason. The coconut can also be the fruit of knowledge. Here is a project idea based on the coconut.