Touching lives

Radhika Shinde Vakharia
I have failed to understand how in a span of 35 minutes of interaction, one can be a good teacher…

Stepping into another’s shoes

Manaswini Sridhar
This is what a lot of young adults had to say at the end of a four month course in business communication and soft skills.

Making the right choice

Shakuntala Jaisinghani
Kanika was a brilliant student, with a bright future ahead of her. She passed her secondary exam, topping the merit list of the State Board.

We learn from mistakes

Zenobia N Lakdawalla
What would you do if you caught a student cheating? Read to see what this teacher did.

To know is to be

Kamakshi Balasubramanian
Theory of Knowledge is course that all IB Diploma students have to study. This teacher shares her experience of teaching the subject.

Aloo, Maloo and Kaloo

Rukmini Banerji
It is amazing to see how children find joy in the most simple things. Here is an interesting experience of this teacher with a bunch of kids in a small school in a village in Bihar.

A wake up call!

Monica Kochar

A child for us is usually ‘good in my subject’ or ‘bad in my subject’. We fail to see that this is only one facet of the multi personality that the person is.

Life’s Lessons

by Ramesh P V S
Life teaches us several things that we cannot learn in classrooms. This writer writes about an incident in his life and what he learnt from it.