Librarianship for our times

Seema Sohal
Here is a first person account of how a librarian went beyond her routine work and brought about a mini revolution in her line of work. From engaging her students in reading projects, organizing book fairs, author visits, workshops to inculcating reading habits, she has done it all. Read up on her experiences.

The young visitor

S. Mundayoor

A heartwarming story of how a library ‘master’ helps give a young boy a new direction in life.

Is the price right?

VSK Sundari

Children can always grasp concepts better when they see how useful or not what they are learning is in real life. See how a math teacher not only helped her students see this connection between studying and life but also see the connection between different subjects.

Guiding the learning journey

Ashokan N V

The scope of a teacher’s role is much broader and goes beyond that of just teaching. A teacher is also an evaluator–someone who makes the effort to understand his/her students’ abilities and draw out their strengths while working on their weaknesses.

An open letter to teachers

G. Gautama

Here is a passionate appeal from a renowned educator to all teachers to introspect about the new education policy that may come into being. It is an appeal to teachers to fight the government’s move to scrap the ‘no detention policy’.

Sometimes, it’s not about those who don’t, but about those who do

Anumeha Fatehpuria

Teachers abusing children in school seems to have become an everyday occurrence so much so that society is beginning to look upon teachers with suspicion. But let us not brand the entire teaching community negatively. Let us not punish the entire community for the terrible crimes that a few people commit. Let us remember that most teachers are caring and understanding, people who want the best for our children.

Kaling’s dream, a bike, and a bottle of rum

Rejum Potom
Children’s development happens through observation, imitation and the environment in which they grow up. So, how can teachers and parents ensure that children grow up appreciating gender differences and equality? These are some questions raised in this simple article.

Inclusion – a way of life!

Sonia Kapoor
Inclusive education is about helping all learners to learn at their pace and together with others. Teachers need to structure their teaching strategies in response to student needs so that the learner has the advantage. Here are some tips on how to be a more inclusive teacher.

Compassion in the time of crisis

Megha Radhakrishnan

The unprecedented floods that Chennai witnessed in December 2015 affected every person in the country in some way. Here is a teacher’s account from Chennai on how her school and children dealt with the tragedy.