May their tribe increase

S. Mundayoor
Teachers’ Day, as always, is an occasion for many of us to remember and cherish those who untiringly taught us. Here, the author shares some anecdotes about a few teachers who inspired those who came into contact with them. These recollections are mostly from the annual teachers’ residential camps held during the Eighties and Nineties by a group of schools in Arunachal Pradesh, with which the writer was associated.

Are we slacking on time?

Roopa Vinayak Ram
Time theft seems to be the new buzzword and a major challenge in schools. What constitutes time theft, and are teachers guilty of it? A look at how this problem can be solved.

“Self”-made artists

Anshika Bedi

Children have a knack of surprising us adults. This teacher’s class five students amazed her with the way they went about painting their self-portraits. Their maturity, interest and passion in their artwork was nothing short of that of a professional.

Earth stories for kindergartners

Katyayani Balasubramanian

The rate at which our environment is deteriorating, it seems like it is never too early to start educating our children about our environment and how to conserve it. So how can you discuss environmental concerns with kindergartners?

Say it with flowers!

Ajita Banerjee
The saying goes that you learn better when you do. This teacher and her students decided to find solutions to tackle the problem of the large amounts of floral waste generated. Read about their experiences and learnings in this narrative.

Rewards or bribes?

Krishna Chebolu
Is the reward system the best way in which educators can increase productivity in children? While it has its advantages since it helps in motivating a child, there are other issues too that one must look at. A happy alternative would be to appreciate a child for his/her uniqueness.

Not less than 90%

Ashwini Subodh Pathak
Marks are not everything, we all agree. And yet, when it comes to our children we don’t hide the fact that we want them to score the very best in their exams. But the world is changing, jobs are being offered based on skills and ability. Marks really aren’t everything.

Fairly unfair

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Cheating in exams is common among students and while schools preach against this practice, it still continues. This teacher found a simple yet brilliant way to tell his students to refrain from such practices.

Drawing them in


In today’s times a teacher’s responsibility doesn’t stop with her academic duties. The teacher plays a big role in shaping children’s personalities, making them more empathetic, understanding and accepting of the other.