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The flies from the forest

Geetha Iyer
This is the last article in the Nature Watch series, and as before, this article too deals with the amazing biodiversity that India has. Here the author talks about insects that reside deep in the forests. These are ‘ useful insects’ and the description ranges from the net- winged insects, the lacewing insects , the mantid fly and the scorpion fly. Biology teachers will be sure to find this information useful and also make their classes more interesting.

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Winter visitors

Geetha Iyer
Why do birds migrate? How do they decide where to go? What obstacles or hazards do they face? These are some questions that can set students off on a healthy discussion about bird migration. This can be an interesting topic for projects, as it will help students think about concepts in an integrated way. Apart from enhancing thinking and writing skills, it also helps students learn the process of arriving at conclusions. Read on to learn more about bird migration.

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Confuse to survive – the mimics

Take your students out into the field and introduce them to the world of animals and insects which use mimicry as a survival technique .This kind of activity will help students learn more about the natural world. It will also enhance their thinking, observational and reasoning skills.

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Nest Watch – 3

Geetha Iyer
Did you know that snakes also build their nests? One would think that since snakes do not have limbs, they may not be able to engage in such a complex activity. However, it is only the King Cobra which builds a nest. In the last part of our series on nests, read about nest building by wild boars, termites, snakes and ants.

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