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Nature Watch, October 2017 »

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Geetha Iyer
Why do birds migrate? How do they decide where to go? What obstacles or hazards do they face? These are some questions that can set students off on a healthy discussion about bird migration. This can be an interesting topic for projects, as it will help students think about concepts in an integrated way. Apart from enhancing thinking and writing skills, it also helps students learn the process of arriving at conclusions. Read on to learn more about bird migration.

July 2017, Nature Watch »

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Geetha Iyer

Some of us hate their sight, others squirm at the thought of these creatures. There is hardly any of us who has good things to say about the cockroach. But here’s why all of us should admire them.

March 2017, Nature Watch »

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Take your students out into the field and introduce them to the world of animals and insects which use mimicry as a survival technique .This kind of activity will help students learn more about the natural world. It will also enhance their thinking, observational and reasoning skills.

January 2017, Nature Watch »

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Geetha Iyer
Did you know that snakes also build their nests? One would think that since snakes do not have limbs, they may not be able to engage in such a complex activity. However, it is only the King Cobra which builds a nest. In the last part of our series on nests, read about nest building by wild boars, termites, snakes and ants.

Nature Watch, October 2016 »

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Geetha Iyer

The word ‘nest’ usually brings to mind the birds, but you will be surprised to know that other creatures too make nests. While we have seen insects making nests, do we know that fish too build nests? Here’s a look at the some of the beautiful nests from the aquatic world and what students of science can learn from this.

July 2016, Nature Watch »

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Geetha Iyer

Bird nests come in different kinds, forms and are built in different places. The nests are temporary shelters for the purpose of reproduction and are not the homes of birds as is presumed. Though a lot of time and energy is spent in building the nests, the birds abandon them once the chicks are grown. Have you watched a bird build its nest?

March 2016, Nature Watch »

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Geetha Iyer

If you have a garden you surely have one of these plants. Perhaps you know it by a different name. Here’s peeling off some of the misconceptions surrounding the succulents.

January 2016, Nature Watch »

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Geetha Iyer

Unless you are a nature lover, you miss the colourful world that you are living in. If you stop for a minute and let yourself be enthralled by nature, you will realize what you have been missing and how much you can learn. Here’s a look at the world of kingfishers.

Nature Watch, October 2015 »

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Geetha Iyer
For middle school students, here is an exciting project on tortoise shell beetles. Since habitat and adaptation are topics that are covered for this class of students, a project on this beetle will prove of immense interest to them. Read up the article to know more.

August 2015, Nature Watch »

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Geetha Iyer
Have you come across a crab that carries its home on its back? If you have lived near the coastline, you may have come across or seen shells that seem to be walking or scrambling about. These are hermit crabs and their shell is their home into which they withdraw when they sense danger. Read all about these social creatures.