“Misses” can make mistakes too

Megha Radhakrishnan
Have you ever come across teachers who deliberately make mistakes, all with the intention of telling children that is OK to make mistakes and learn from them? Here is an interesting article that talks about how two teachers came up with this idea and succeeded in driving home their message.

The golden PTM

Neerja Singh
A parent – teacher meeting is always approached with a feeling of apprehension both by the teacher and the parent with the child caught in between. There is criticism and finger -pointing from both sides with little or no room for compromise. What then is the golden rule? Read on to find out.

A fair evaluation

Shriya Ravishankar

Peer evaluation seems like an easy enough thing to do. But when you take an online course at the end of which you are asked to evaluate your peers and award them marks it suddenly becomes difficult. The author shares here how she learnt to be fair in her evaluations.

The power of peer learning

Chintan Girish Modi In the first half of June 2014, I was invited by Snow Leopard Adventures and Ananta Aspen Centre to co-facilitate a programme called Planet Harmony in Rishikesh with a group of 32 high school students from Delhi, Read More …

Celebrating sports

Sharda Ugra
Here’s an interesting article asking parents to celebrate if their children choose sports as their career.

She chose to take a leap of faith

Ritika Chawla
A heart-warming story of one woman’s effort to practice what she learnt— to bring about change in the lives of people around her.

What a fair!

Shalini B

Teacher Plus which never goes out to market itself recently had an amusing experience at a Kids Fair/School expo that it participated in.

Chillar please!

Shalini B

Despite being small, chillar can be the cause of really big worries. A fun article on the problems created because of the lack of chillar.

A little ‘extra’ can make a difference

Divya Choudary
The first week of October is celebrated as the Joy of Giving week. So, it is time to make time for others—-people as well as animals. Do your bit and spread cheer around.