Auto teacher

Aditi Kumari
With learning moving out of the classroom and onto computer screens, teachers have had to become more innovative, enterprising and adventurous in order to take their classes – like sitting in an autorickshaw, for instance.

Spelling the dream

Chintan Girish Modi
Are you a school teacher who feels nervous while interacting with ambitious parents? Do you wonder why they expect their children to be exceedingly high achievers? Is it amusing to notice how competitive they can get?


Smriti Sinha
That something can be more beautiful and have more meaning when it crumbles or breaks is something we learn about when we see the dandelion. A poem to pay tribute to this beautiful flower.

The thorny, prickly tree

Phyllis Farias
An interesting article on the lessons one can draw from the growth of a lime tree and the way in which children learn

Uniforms suck: teaching through consequences

Tim Hibsman
Is it essential to have a school uniform? What if children do not like wearing a uniform? Can parents and teachers engage children by giving them rational answers?

Mirrored in words

Nimesh Ved
One word can have different meanings when used in different contexts. But have we ever wondered how not all these meanings seem appropriate? Like for instance, why does the ‘strength’ of a school mean the number of students in that school? How do words get the meanings associated with them? Perhaps it is time for us to think hard about the words we use and how we use them.


Sridivya Mukpalkar

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchildren is a relationship like no other. The grandparent is able to relive their childhood and the grandchildren find a wonderful friend. But the grandparent-grandchild partnership sometimes causes problems for the parents. Here is a mother’s lighthearted reflection of her father’s frequent visits to his grandchildren.

Live your values

Latha Vydianathan

Imagine a room full of children, heads down, diligently writing their exam and no adult to monitor them! Invigilator-less exams are a new concept that some schools are adopting as a way of helping students internalize values such as discipline and honesty.

Stopping to reflect

Chintan Girish Modi

A writer reflects on his journey as a freelance educator.

Good garbage

Tim Hibsman
Here is a wonderful example of how learning can be fun, interactive and can also be turned into a game or a challenge.