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Last Word, March 2017 »

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Kirthi Jayakumar
Children are highly impressionable. Think of them on the lines of a sponge: the propensity for absorption of influences …

February 2017, Last Word »

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Nimesh Ved

A reflection of the learnings from an educational confence.

January 2017, Last Word »

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Jyotsna Vijapurkar
This morning I had a glorious start to the day. A sun bird, sporting resplendent crimson on its front, …

April 2016, Last Word »

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Sahana Mitra
Since adoption is a sensitive topic, schools must take the initiative to acknowledge adoption in the classrooms so that every adoptive family can share their journey without fear of being judged. Ultimately it is the child who matters so an empathetic context is essential to understand the story of the child.

Last Word, March 2016 »

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Jyoti Gupta

A beautifully written poem on the plight of a student who is afraid of maths.

February 2016, Last Word »

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Richa Gupta
How can colour be harnessed to improve learning? Here are a few tips on adding colour to your classroom environment to up the learning quotient.

January 2016, Last Word »

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Kamakshi Balasubramanian

Always think before you speak. When we use words like “deaf ears”, “lame excuse”, etc. we should remember that these are words that could cause hurt to people.

Last Word, November 2015 »

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Mihika Mirchandani

A fresh look at the ABCs.

August 2015, Last Word »

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Kirthi Jayakumar
Do you have to be a certain kind to”fit into” a group so that you can find your friends? And if you are not the type that is prescribed, you stand to be isolated. Here is a moving piece about a young girl and her dance teacher who became her friend.

July 2015, Last Word »

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Neeva Desai

Can there really be onness in this world? This writer tells us why she thinks the world can never be one.