Fail – the dreaded word

C Radhika
Exam time is a period of anxiety for most parents. Once the exams are over, the students and their parents heave a sigh of relief. But their worry does not end with the exams.

Teachers and the Law

Jyothi Padmanabhan Iyer
We hear often enough about the high expectations we have of teachers and the difficulties they face in terms of working conditions, compensation and resources available to do their job.

A report card for teachers

Manish Jain
These days there is much talk of teachers as ‘facilitators’ and the need to move from being the ‘sage on the stage’ to the ‘guide on the side’ in the classroom setting.

The power of questioning

C Radhika
A baby’s first words are mama, dada, tata. As the baby grows older and develops her (his) communication skills you will notice these simple words replaced with the more complex why, what, who and where.

Hindi Anyone?

by Chandrika Mathur
Non-Hindi people often find it difficult to learn Hindi–whether it is speaking the language or writing it. And teaching Hindi to them also becomes difficult. But here are a few ways to overcome that difficulty.

Lessons in problem solving

Panamalai R Guruprasad
There are no easy answers to the problems that life throws in our way. Our children have to learn to face life tomorrow and for that our textbooks have to be more flexible and pragmatic.

Theatre – the opening dialogue

Madhu Smriti Shukla
Do we look at theatre only as a means of entertainment? Or as something meant only for artistes? If we do then we need to reconsider our idea of theatre.

An introduction to excellence

Rajul Asthana
Education is an extremely important lever in developing a humane society. What we need education to do is to transform us into individuals who understand and fulfill their roles in the society.

The 20-minute Workout at Work

Spine stretch Increases flexibility and circulation in entire spine; improves eyesight Sit on the front half of your chair. Place your left hand on the outside of your right knee and hook your right arm over the back of the Read More …