Fun to make and inexpensive too!

S Subbalakshmi and Anu Kurian Arvind Gupta is well known for his innovative science and mathematics teaching aids. He prepares the aids from material that is accessible. He currently works at the children’s Science Centre of the Inter-University Centre for Read More …

Honouring the guru

All of us recognize the importance and influence of teachers in our lives but have we done anything to show our appreciation to our teachers? Teachers’ Academy organizes the Inspiring Teachers Awards every year as a platform for students to thank their teachers. Teacher Plus reports.

Inspiring education

The InspirEd conference held in Mumbai from August 27-29 was truly inspiring as it brought together experts in the field of education who were willing to share, debate, discuss and learn from each other. Teacher Plus reports.

An array of low cost teaching aids

R Krupa Bhargavi & Rajesh Kumar Swain
“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”, remarked Demosthenes. Indeed the Teaching Aids exhibition is one such event that seems to grow in leaps and bounds every year.

The textbook unbound

Kadambari Muttoo
A conference on ‘India’s Textbook Culture’ organised by Learn Today, the learning division of the India Today Group, held in December 2008, focused on how learning resources and textbooks are conceptualised, produced and used.

Planning an ABL class

Sridivya Mukpalkar
Activity based learning is increasingly becoming popular. Teacher Plus reports on an activity based learning workshop conducted by Edcraft, an educational material producer.

A space for enquiry

Simran Luthra
Teacher Plus reports on a workshop by the Tata Institute of Social Science, Philosophy of Education society and Centre for Philosophy and Humanities.

Of work and education

Yasmin Jayathirtha
This year’s Alternative Learning Network meet explored the idea of work and education. Teacher Plus reports.

Network for learning

Seetha Anand
When like minded people come together, there is always an explosion of ideas. This is a report on the 7th Annual Learning Network Conference.