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Usha Raman
A teacher’s professional development is not limited to the number of workshops or refresher courses she attends. For a teacher, every day brings some learning. These beautiful lessons about life and teaching that our students bequeath us are what makes teaching such a rewarding profession.

A crucible for a new culture

Usha Raman
The staff room is often a good barometer of the culture of the school. A friendly and open staff room can be an indicator of an open and friendly school, where cooperation and collaboration trump competition. But it can also be a space from which change, innovation and excitement spring, where friendships are made and nurtured, where both successes and failures are discussed without judgment.

“Welcome” back to school

Usha Raman
There is a lot that is not right with this world. And while we can’t set about solving all of the world’s problems, there are some things we can do to make our own small worlds better places to be. As teachers and students, our schools form a large part of our world. Let us work to make this space better, more welcoming and accessible to all of us.

A place for health in the PE curriculum

Krishna Kumar
Health in the PE curriculum resides mostly in the margins and reform is necessary if it has to find a higher and better designed place. Many new concepts and appropriate material are available to infuse spirit and energy into the health curriculum and this will be a first step in the long chain of reforms.

Re-imagining the role of play

Usha Raman
Physical education is often not seen as a subject and is something that is attended to on special occasions. This issue is an attempt to set right that perspective and explore the different ways in which schools might re-imagine the role of play and movement in education.

Beating the heat

Usha Raman

As summer slowly starts to creep in on us, we also approach the end of the academic year. And this is a difficult combination to beat. The days are getting hotter and stuffier and the teaching-learning is also almost done for the year. How can teachers and students keep their spirits up until the summer holidays? Do you have any ideas?

Time for reflection?

Usha Raman
When teachers interact at national level meetings, there is much learning happening since they get to meet people from different states and communities. At such meetings, personal biases and perceptions are changed because of the direct experiences. In classrooms too, teachers need to provide that space to children since they come from varied backgrounds and it is important that they talk to each other.

Balancing trust and skepticism

Usha Raman

In recent times we have all been witness to the mayhem that fake news can unleash. With the average age of people using social networking sites and apps becoming younger, as teachers we now have the responsibility to help our students identify fact from fiction, help them cultivate the ability to question and not accept everything at face value.

Election duty offers a reality check

Usha Raman
Come elections, government school teachers are enrolled for poll duty, and this is something that teachers have to comply with, failing which they are issued suspension notices. However, this can also be a time for non-teachers to experience what schools are like since many of them serve as polling stations. These encounters can help them understand the conditions under which many teachers work providing them with a reality check.

Journey outside the classroom

Usha Raman
Anybody who believes that learning happens only inside the classroom has got it all wrong. Learning can happen any time, any place—in your backyard, while you are walking or even trekking up a mountain. Therefore, open up your learning experiences and make the world your classroom.