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August 2014, Editorial »

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The last issue of the magazine marked our 25th anniversary and celebrated the role of teachers in today’s complex education …

Editorial, July 2014 »

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In its 25th anniversary year, Teacher Plus continues to celebrate teachers and the work they do across subject areas and at all levels. What began as a germ of an idea, has,in the course of its winding journey, taken on an independent space as a magazine for school teachers with some great writers and a loyal readership. This issue has some of our oldest contributors sharing their association with us and how their own journey has been. Read on to discover some amazing ideas that our teachers are brimming with.

Editorial, May-June 2014 »

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As one of the articles in this special issue notes, geography is the discipline of “writing” or “drawing” the Earth. …

April 2014, Editorial »

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With elections round the corner, the time is ripe for teachers to bring into classrooms, discussions and debates about democracy, issues of integrity , responsibility and representation. Elections always bring in the promise of change, and this desire for change can be harnessed to inculcate in students an awareness about their roles as future citizens.

Editorial, March 2014 »

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Cover story ideas come to us in a variety of ways. This month’s cover story idea came to us in the form of a letter. Once the idea takes seed we set about nurturing it, looking at it from different angles. And while it is impossible to visit every single road leading to the issue in focus, at Teacher Plus it is our hope that we have opened up for you enough points of discussion on a particular issue.

Editorial, February 2014 »

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With the school environment getting more competitive by the day, teachers are often asked to wear many hats. So how do they cope with their constantly changing roles? What are the new demands that are placed on them and is there enough support?

Editorial, January 2014 »

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For those who are serious and passionate about teaching, teaching is more than just a job. It is a mission–a mission that involves unwraping and bringing to light every child’s true potential.

December 2013, Editorial »

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Why is a uniform so important for a school? Does a dress code reflect a school’s philosophy? Are children able to learn and interact better among themselves if there is a standardised attire? These and many more questions need to be asked. This issue of Teacher Plus tries to answer some of these questions. Read on to get a glimpse of what teachers across schools have to say.

Editorial, November 2013 »

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In a lot of Indian schools the textbook is the Bible. Teachers and students don’t like going beyond the textbook come what may. But the quality of education in India often forces us to question this iconic status given to textbooks.

Editorial, October 2013 »

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Every now and then, it pays to take a good hard look at ourselves, our actions and interactions to enable us to get answers to even routine things. The act of reflection is always pushed to the background in order to ‘do’ things. While doing is good, thinking about doing helps us to take that one step forward. This issue of the magazine argues for reflection to become a part of our everyday tasks.