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Editorial, February 2018 »

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How can teachers ensure that classrooms turn into spaces where gender inequalities and biases are mitigated, how can teachers make sure that children get a feel about what it means to live in an equitable society? These are questions that every teacher must ask herself and in the process take those essential small steps to bringing in larger school reforms.

Editorial, January 2018 »

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A child’s formal entry into learning has to be based on the foundations of love and warmth. As teachers and schools, it is our responsibility to provide them the right kind of learning atmosphere so the children can grow up into lovely human beings.

December 2017, Editorial »

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What is culture? Does it come from what we believe in or does it depend on how we act? We learn about culture in different ways – from people, from our homes and from those living around us. And importantly we learn about it from our school. This issue gives us a brief insight into what culture is all about and how the learning spaces in schools can effectively give children an introduction into the kind of society that they are part of.

Editorial, November 2017 »

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Every teacher knows what their responsibilities are. But, do they know what rights they have? In case those rights are infringed where they can go? In the absence of associations to take up their cases, proper guidelines, and redressal mechanisms most teachers, especially in the private education sector, are left to try and solve their problems themselves.

Editorial, October 2017 »

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In the context of the murder of a child in a prominent school, it is important that schools and teachers reflect more on their attitudes, practices and beliefs. Schools need to train and sensitize the support staff too because they are an important part of the care circle for children.

Editorial, September 2017 »

[5 Sep 2017 | One Comment | ]

Is there a secret ingredient that transforms an average teacher into a good teacher? Are our training programmes designed to impart the necessary qualities to students training to be teachers? What makes some teachers more successful and popular? While each teacher has to develop her own right mix of qualities to succeed, the one thing that every teacher needs is the ability to think with her heart and not just her head.

August 2017, Editorial »

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Life is all about learning and learning continuously, keeping our minds open so that new ideas flow in. Does our education system allow this to happen and are our teachers ready to continually learn even if they are in the teaching profession? How do they re-energise themselves and how can they keep track of new developments in their profession?

Editorial, July 2017 »

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Once upon a time schools were considered as only storehouses of knowledge. Today they are expected to do a lot more. Nurturing empathy among children is one of their primary responsibilities today. With a world that is growing more and more insensitive and selfish by the day, imagining and understanding the lives of people different from us has become the need of the hour.

Editorial, May-June 2017 »

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Computers have taken over our lives in more ways than one and it will not be an exaggeration to say that computers are the future , whether we like it or not. From checking bank balances to paying bills , computers have become a permanent fixture. In schools and colleges too, teaching and learning is now more computerised. This issue on computer science has a varied collection of articles on the subject that will help teachers look at the subject differently.

April 2017, Editorial »

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Life has become extremely busy. Nobody has the time to take a break, to relax, to unwind. Teachers, like everybody else, hardly have the time to breathe–first with household chores and then at work in school. But without those small breaks, how does one recharge oneself? How can one energize oneself to face the day ahead? The answer lies in one’s daily commute. We all take the bus, either private or school, or the auto, or drive to school or perhaps even walk. Let us make utmost use of this time we take to travel to work. Let us use this time to switch off things and draw from the energy that surrounds nature.