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Editorial, November 2015 »

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What is the point of learning something when you are never going to use it in life. Surely, all of us as students have wondered about this at some point. As teachers now it is our duty to show our students, wherever possible, the applicability of what they are learning to life situations. Everybody needn’t be good at everything but it is important that we help them understand that everything is worth learning.

Editorial, October 2015 »

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In recent times, there has been an increasing emphasis on schools and teachers to impart life skills or soft skills to children. These include empathy and conflict resolution. Most of the times, these skills are touted as being important in the job market and less about how essential they are in everyday life as well. With a lot of political turmoil happening in countries around us, may be it is time children are taught about interdependence and empathy and to respond to crises with compassion.

Editorial, September 2015 »

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Every experience we go through and every situation we face we can learn from. As teachers we must be particularly aware of this and look for learnable moments so that we can pass on this knowledge to our students. Apart from learning to reflect ourselves we must also device ways to help improve this skill in our students as well.

August 2015, Editorial »

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Are teachers bound by the school curriculum and the text books that are prescribed for students? Do they have the freedom to go beyond the text books and impart learning in new ways so that they can open up children’s minds? How does politics impact school practices? These are questions for which everyone needs to find answers so that those who deliver education can resist intrusions into their space.

Editorial, July 2015 »

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As schools and teachers are we happy simply producing academically brilliant children? Somewhere aren’t we also responsible for the ‘kind’ of individuals our students will turn out to be when they grow up? Let’s make our schools a more caring, sharing and compassionate place and show our students through examples the kind of human beings they must be.

Editorial, May-June 2015 »

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Physics is one of those ‘hard’ sciences and like math, can evoke strong feelings of fear and dislike. Unless the subject is handled by a capable and inspired teacher, it can put off most children. This issue on physics has a different approach, showing how the subject can connect to our everyday lives and environment.

April 2015, Editorial »

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Access to information is quick and easy these days. There is no dearth of information or the ways in which we can find it. Therefore it is easy to become overwhelmed, get lost, and be confused. As teachers it is necessary that we tell our students how they can sort through and use the right kind of information to further their learning. But to teach our students that we first have to develop our own strategies of dealing with information overload.

Editorial, March 2015 »

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How can we help create school spaces where all those who work within it can be trusted? With schools too not being exempt from the ills of society, it is time to explore ways in which schools and teachers can be more vigilant and respond better to cases of child abuse and sexual harassment.

Editorial, February 2015 »

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The recently released ASER serves to remind us of our failure as educationists once again. With children displaying abysmal reading and writing skills, the fingers of blame are pointing towards the teacher. But when we have an education system that produces ill-equipped teachers, can we blame the teachers alone? We have to find solutions to equip our teachers with good teaching-learning skills so that they in turn can produce good learners.

Editorial, January 2015 »

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The recent Peshawar tragedy has forced us to ask some questions. Have places of education become unsafe? Are children living in violent times? How can children trust their teachers? While the Peshawar massacre is an outcome of politics between nation states, the violence that happens within school spaces needs to be tackled. For this, children need to be educated about their own safety and given physical and intellectual tools to protect themselves.