A teacher’s conundrum

Disha Jain
For most of us used to classroom teaching, going online is new and exciting. But in our desire to choose the best of the many available new tools are we forgetting the two most important things for every teacher? Our students and what we are teaching them.

‘Driving’ knowledge

Kanupriya Chatterji
The Vikramshila school in Bigha (a small village, about 3 hours from Kolkata) was started in 1997 as an experiment in alternative curriculum, to see how village life (and livelihood) could be linked with school learning.

Oasis for book lovers

Saraswathi Reddy
Two decades ago, after a short stint as an officer with a public sector bank, I decided to opt for self-employment…

Meet, learn and enjoy

Tanya Sehgal
I came to Eklavya on a one year Indicorps fellowship to build a library for the students of a local school.

Libraries can be fun

Chintan Girish Modi In most conceptions of school and places of organized learning, a library is central. In India, where many schools lack even a blackboard (or a teacher!), a library of any description is perhaps considered a luxury. Even Read More …