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Comment, March 2018 »

[1 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Don’t always go by the book! | ]

Nimesh Ved

The textbook is still the ultimate authority for some teachers and students. When there is so much of trust placed upon the textbook you’d believe them to be error-free and passing on the right knowledge. But with some textbooks that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is important that we debate and discuss how textbooks are written and how we can improve them.

Comment, February 2018 »

[1 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Making school data work for teachers | ]

Payal Jain and Sapna Saleem
Schools produce an immense amount of data every month and every year. This data can be used constructively by teachers and facilitators. For instance, the data received after an examination can help a school principal to identify the trends in the performance of the students. An in- depth analysis of this data can helpthe school leader to identify the teaching and learning gaps in the students. Schools, therefore need to ensure that teachers see data as another useful tool, how it can be used and what insights it provides.

Comment, January 2018 »

[29 Dec 2017 | One Comment | ]

Jagdeep Singh More

CBSE’s decision to make class 10 exams compulsory with immediate effect has been welcomed by some but has raised questions for many. This decision by the CBSE nullifies the all round efforts to implement CCE and brings back 19th century reforms that assess students only on the basis of their written exam. With the knowledge that different students learn differently quite common now, how intelligent is this move by the board?

Comment, November 2017 »

[1 Nov 2017 | One Comment | ]

Jose Puthenpurackel, SDB

The world is advancing at a fast pace, but our education system is stuck in history. With everything else around us is changing, the education system too needs an overhaul to produce competent individuals who can succeed in life tomorrow.

Comment, November 2017 »

[1 Nov 2017 | Comments Off on The utopia of the untrained mind | ]

Sharjeel Ahmed

When doctors, lawyers and engineers have to be professionals, why then do we sometimes overlook this fact when we employ teachers?

August 2017, Comment »

[1 Aug 2017 | Comments Off on The smart phone and all that | ]

Brendan MacCarthaigh
The smart phone is here to stay, and there is no denying the fact that it is tremendously useful. But, it is time educators stopped to think about the negative impact of this ‘brilliant monster’.The author lists out ways in which the use of this instrument can be curtailed

Comment, July 2017 »

[3 Jul 2017 | Comments Off on Niti-Ayog and Basic Education | ]

Sushama Yermal

A commentary about the government’s plans for improving the quality of education in India, this article asks us readers to analyze, debate, question, suggest and put in our efforts to help raise the standards of education in India.

April 2017, Comment »

[3 Apr 2017 | Comments Off on With no strings attached | ]

Amit Deshwal

Learning happens best when there are no boundaries or restrictions. Children enjoy learning if we let them be and don’t tell them what they should be curious about or force them to walk along a path we have drawn for them. Here’s hoping for a future where children are allowed to learn and grow without any strings attached.

Comment, March 2017 »

[2 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on Reimagining environment | ]

Nimesh Ved
Is there a need for Environment Education to reinvent itself, to become more political and allow students to see the interconnections that is integral to all life forms? At a recent conference in Ahmedabad, speakers pointed out the need for people and students to question their lifestyles and respond to changing times.

Comment, January 2017 »

[4 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Matters of money | ]

Toolika Wadhwa This year I complete two decades of my engagement with the disciplines of accountancy and management. In 1996, when I joined class 11, I started on my journey with the two subjects by making, what at that time, seemed a simple choice between studying the theories of management and cutting frogs! I chose […]