Small school in COVID times… ‘to sit beside’ again…

G. Gautama
There is no question that Covid 19 has disrupted people’s lives. Educational approaches too, have changed. Students and teachers are confined to their homes with their gadgets. Learning may be happening, but there are questions – what happens to physical activity or interactions? There is a large population for whom school means many things – from friends to books and even midday meals. How is this group managing? Do other solutions exist?

The role of a teacher amidst the pandemic

S S Verma
The pandemic has hit everybody hard. We have all had to reimagine the way we work and live and surely it has been most difficult for the teachers. Several teachers have lost their jobs, new teachers are not finding jobs and yet as a community they have not let their students down. No matter how difficult the circumstances they have worked and it is our job to support them in any way that they need.

Pay attention… naturally

Aruna Sankaranarayanan
Is there an upside to this global pandemic? Initially there were some positive reports about pollution receding, people sighting birds in their balconies etc. How can we forge this relationship with nature anew? Can communing with trees, birds and bees enhance children’s ability to focus? This article talks about how one can appreciate nature more mindfully.

I want to be a teacher…

Shirisha Konduri
Can teaching become more of a profession by choice rather than by chance? While it is true that highly qualified candidates are entering the field of school teaching, the question still remains if it is by choice. This article lists a few reasons why youngsters should consider teaching.

Improving teacher education

Surekha Nayani
A teacher’s comment on the proposed changes in the New Education Policy regarding teacher education.

Taking play seriously

Indira Subramanian
In the Indian school context, play has been relegated to the sidelines, as a pedagogy of learning. So how can the principles of play be given a more central role in schooling? This article gives a few tips on how teachers can foster playful learning in their classroom.

The strength of ideas

Brendan MacCarthaigh
When students have to face a nightmare called exams, it is up to the teacher to help them face their ordeal in a less frightening way. Teachers can motivate the students to look at it as an adventure or even as a challenge which they need to overcome and that it requires just that bit of extra practice and preparation.

Say “Hola” to Spanish

Subhas Yadav
Tired of teaching or learning French and German? Try Spanish which is fast emerging as the most popular second language at international and elite CBSE schools. Here’s a look at where the language stands in the knowledge market.

The long, grey road

Brendan MacCarthaigh
When asked to share their dreams for the future, students of class XII had nothing to say to their teacher, almost admitting to the fact that they had no dreams at all. Is this lack of interest due to the education system which does not seem to inspire, but has everything to do with acquiring marks? Who has the answers?

The world according to textbooks

Shree Singh
The pen is mightier than the sword and a picture speaks a thousand words. Shouldn’t we then be a little more careful when printing textbooks? We must remember that sometimes textbooks are the only reading material that children may have and they can create strong impressions. Let us be mindful and tell children that a woman too can fly an aeroplane and a man can be a hair stylist.