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April 2017, Comment »

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Amit Deshwal

Learning happens best when there are no boundaries or restrictions. Children enjoy learning if we let them be and don’t tell them what they should be curious about or force them to walk along a path we have drawn for them. Here’s hoping for a future where children are allowed to learn and grow without any strings attached.

Comment, March 2017 »

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Nimesh Ved
Is there a need for Environment Education to reinvent itself, to become more political and allow students to see the interconnections that is integral to all life forms? At a recent conference in Ahmedabad, speakers pointed out the need for people and students to question their lifestyles and respond to changing times.

Comment, January 2017 »

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Toolika Wadhwa
This year I complete two decades of my engagement with the disciplines of accountancy and management. In 1996, …

Comment, November 2016 »

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Rishabh Kumar Mishra

Has learning in schools become a burden as compared to learning experientially? When learning happens in an everyday setting, that is, while cooking, driving or playing cricket, there is an inherent sense of joy which is otherwise missing in a school environment. The article makes a plea to rethink the processes of learning as practiced in a school, so that learning becomes more of an exploration and less of a burden.

Comment, October 2016 »

[3 Oct 2016 | One Comment | ]

Uma Shankar Singh

In the digital world of today, where we find all the information we need at the click of a button are libraries still relevant? How?

August 2016, Comment »

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Ananya Pathak

Files, files and more files. There is no dearth of information on all the problems engulfing the Indian education system. But are we doing anything to find proper solutions to these problems other than to generate more files?

Comment, March 2016 »

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Madhumathi Ravi

So in this age of digital teaching and learning, does technology win the battle hands down? Or is the teacher still relevant?

August 2015, Comment »

[3 Aug 2015 | One Comment | ]

G Gautama
Has the concept of a ‘school’ changed in the Internet era? Have schools become forbidding places where few people are interested in being teachers? In such a changed scenario, the role of the teacher needs to be re-defined. This article outlines a new and a fresh approach to looking at a teacher and a school, and thereby tries to to revive an adventure.

Comment, July 2015 »

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Brendan MacCarthaigh

Children these days are losing steam quite early in life. Desire and pleasure seem to top their to do list. They are witness to and sometimes even victims of horrific crimes. Why then are schools doing away with value education?

Comment, March 2015 »

[2 Mar 2015 | No Comment | ]

Brendan MacCarthaigh
How can teachers really enable children to both know and grow? Just as knowing is a part of education, the growth process is equally important. Children grow by socialising , by being encouraged in creativity, by being given choices and by being given responsibility. Both these processes are equally important and teachers must adopt this in their teaching methods.