A hands-on learning aid

Madhulika Sagaram
Courage is a trait that all children should develop. But can you grow courage? This unique workbook from Liv & Blue Publishing promises to build your courage through a series of fun activities that cut across subjects and intelligences. Children learn to become ‘even more courageous’ as they imbibe mathematical, language and scientific skills among many others.

This heritage resource is a mixed bag

Nimesh Ved
The UNESCO series of five books on five heritage sites offers interesting nuggets of history and would certainly appeal to young readers. Here is review.

A moving memoir

Amrita Patwardhan
Here is a book that is highly recommended for teachers and librarians. Apart from being an interesting read, the book can be useful additional material in a language or social science classroom.

Everyone must read this book

Venkatesh Onkar
How do children learn? The answer to this question can be found in Kamala Mukunda’s second book titled, What did you learn at school today? This book is particularly addictive reading for teachers and parents as well and can provide deep insights into how children need to be brought up.

Schools beyond textbooks

Nimesh Ved

10 schools. 10 case studies. Innovative changes. Refreshing ways of tackling age-old problems. not Just Grades… is a book that gives its readers a lot of food for thought. Despite a couple of shortcomings, this is a book that every school leader and policymaker should read.

A treasure trove of amazing tales

Gururaj K S
‘ Teaching Tales, Learning Trails’ is a great piece of work by three passionate teacher educators. The book is divided into two sections. While one section has some amazing stories, the second section contains details on the discussions about the book that the authors had with parents, students, teachers and other teacher educators.

Ideal textbook material

Stella Pauline Punitha
Katie Bagli’s book ‘Habitat and their denizens’ takes just a few hours to finish reading and also gives comprehensive knowledge about animal life. It is ideal for young readers who wish to know more about different types of habitats. A bonus is the colouring section

A glimpse into Nature’s bounty

Sunanda Ali
The book On the Wild Side is surprising in many ways. The cover seems like an example of ‘child art’, a happy, colourful picture of a jungle seen through a child’s eyes, with a smiling tiger, an avuncular elephant, a bird, a butterfly, a snake and other flora and fauna in bright, cheerful colours. The content is more complex and more interesting.

The inner beauty of math

Pooja Keshavan Singh
Mathematics is a subject that is often disliked by middle schoolers. However here is a book and a very insightful one at that which tells the story of a remarkable Math teacher, his craft and his aim to arouse curiosity in the reader towards discovering the inner beauty of math.

Questions in search of answers

Nimesh Ved
Environment education in our schools has been far removed from reality and except for the occasional reference in the social studies textbook, there was not much importance given to it although of late, some schools do have a separate curriculum for EVS. This book is a guide to textbooks and has been put together by a team comprising members with diverse experiences from across the globe. It proposes embedding sustainable development across subjects. Four subjects have been discussed at length. Read on to know more about the book.