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August 2017, Review »

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Sunanda Ali
‘ Learn English, Teach English’ by Ravinarayan Chakrakodi is an invaluable companion for an English teacher both for the beginner as well as an experienced person. Extremely well-designed and divided neatly into four sections—Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing – the book tells you how to teach a concept and includes tasks and activities to practice. Definitely a must have for an English teacher’s personal library.

July 2017, Review »

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Ankita Shah

Schools are a microcosm of society; they play an important role in shaping children’s ideas and giving them identities which then influence the school-student-teacher relationships. The book, School Worlds–an ethnographic study, serves as a source of reflection for teachers on the part that they directly or indirectly play in forming these identities.

April 2017, Review »

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Nimesh Ved

Talon the Falcon by Deepak Dalal is children’s fiction, but let us not dismiss it as a book that is of not much use to us as teachers. This review shares with readers specific ideas of how the book can be used as a teaching aid in the classroom.

February 2017, Review »

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S N Gananath

Math teachers are usually disappointed when they are looking for teaching aids. The book Mathemagician combines innovative teaching practices in math with classroom management tips to give a math teacher a good teaching-learning material.

February 2017, Review »

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Sunanda Ali

Krishna Kumar’s new book, Education, conflict, and peace points out that conflict seems to be conspicuous by its absence in the Indian curriculum. Why are we afraid to talk about and discuss conflict with our children when it is, in fact, all around us? By keeping them away from conflict we are not protecting them from it. Unless children understand what conflict is and why it arises we cannot expect them to avoid conflicts.

November 2016, Review »

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Thejaswi Shivanand
If you wish to learn more about insect behaviour or insect development and are not put off by wasps, bees, ants, hornets or moths, then this book on the curious world of insects by Geetha Iyer is definitely for you. With so many interesting stories in every chapter, most insect haters may find themselves drawn to insects whenever they see one.

November 2016, Review »

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Nimesh Ved

Katie Bagli’s book on Sangla is about a four year old girl from Mumbai who spends one year in the mountains and her experiences. Since it is for children, schools could add this book to their collection in the libraries . A good read.

October 2016, Review »

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Surekha Nayani

From books to the Internet and now learning apps. School teachers and children have a wide variety of resources to dip into. Here’s a new learning app that helps a teacher introduce the periodic table to her students.

July 2016, Review »

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G. Gautama
Jane Sahi’s ‘In Our Own words’ is a definitive collection of approaches that any language teacher can make use of. However, the book could have done with some lightness, especially because it teaches teachers how to teach. This does not belittle its value as an important book for every school library.

April 2016, Review »

[4 Apr 2016 | One Comment | ]

Arun Elassery
Here is a book for the reflective teacher offering several helpful insights into how children learn coupled with strategies that teachers can use in their classrooms.