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Alternatiview, April 2017 »

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Arun Elassery

Alternatiview this time looks at Manzil, an after school learning space that helps children of various age improve their skills at art, music, math and English among other things.

Alternatiview, February 2017 »

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Arun Elassery

Aman Sethu, a school in Pune, has taken the best out of the various learning philosophies to carve its own learning journey.

Alternatiview, January 2017 »

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Arun Elassery
In our series on alternative schools, we profile Digantar on the outskirts of Jaipur that is run by Rohit Dhankar and Reena Das. Digantar runs three schools catering to nearly 600 children from the rural areas. The children learn at their own pace, they learn from each other and they are not distributed according to classes. This complete change in direction has changed the lives of many rural children too.

Alternatiview, November 2016 »

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Arun Elassery
The Valley School, Bangalore, has been around for 35 years, and that itself speaks for its sense of oneness that prevails in the school.

Alternatiview, October 2016 »

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Arun Elassery

The ergonomically designed buildings of Pallikoodam reflect the openness and freedom that this school encourages in its students’ thought process and learning. Started nearly 50 years ago by Mary Roy, Pallikoodam has become one of the most popular schools in Kerala.

Alternatiview, August 2016 »

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Arun Elassery

A school without uniforms, a seamless class structure, project based learning. Does this sound like a dream school? Mirambika, in the Aurobindo ashram in Delhi, has popularized the idea of alternative education.

Alternatiview, July 2016 »

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Arun Elassery

The Centre for Learning, Bengaluru, is a place where long lasting bonds are formed. Run by teachers,the school has no principal or management, and everything that is needed for the school goes through consensus. This gentle and effective learning space is so unique that its website says ‘We also do academics’.

Alternatiview, April 2016 »

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Arun Elassery
The Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan in Phaltan, Maharashtra, is a school where the philosophy that it propagates is visible . Here children from disparate backgrounds mingle easily and happily. Read up this interesting profile of the school.

Alternatiview, March 2016 »

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Arun Elassery

Welcome to the world of a Waldorf school. Abhaya is one of the four Waldorf schools in Hyderabad and fast becoming one of the best.

Alternatiview, February 2016 »

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Arun Elassery

Parikrma is a successful experiment in school education. The Parikrma group of schools are located in poor neighbourhoods and serve children from the slums of Bangalore. The facilities available to the children make them good at sports and academics.