For all budding actors

Samantha Marsden
School plays and cultural programmes are events that students love to participate in. And when it comes to drama and acting, children are always at the forefront. Some of the acting techniques highlighted in the article help students with social skills, literacy, creativity, team work etc. Drama teachers will do well to try out these activities.

Adverbs through a game

Mahak Katyal
Adverbs form a significant part of language teaching. Here is an innovative attempt to teach the concept to class V students using board games .

Learning on the go

Shradha Patnaik
Here are some activities for children to keep them occupied during holidays.

Event-ful Learning

Dr. Lalit Kishore
Math and sport. On the face of it very logical companions. But not many use them together. Here the author tells us how basic math concepts can be taught through football.