Civic lessons from cinema

Sayali Tamane
At first glance, cinema and civic education seem to be a strange combination to be mentioned in a single breath, but cinema can indeed be a powerful tool towards imparting effective civic education.

Equity by design

Arundhati Tulpule The class 9 subjects of political science of the Maharashtra State Board – social service and personality development – aim to introduce society and societal elements to the students. For this purpose, we, at Aksharnandan school, use a Read More …

The political classroom

Joel Westheimer

Why do we shy away from discussing politics in the classroom? When politics, political parties and their strategies are such a big part of democratic functioning of a government shouldn’t we be encouraging political discussions in the classroom? If we want politically aware citizens, who can participate in their democracies, this is a change that we must make to our pedagogy.