Civic lessons from cinema

Sayali Tamane
At first glance, cinema and civic education seem to be a strange combination to be mentioned in a single breath, but cinema can indeed be a powerful tool towards imparting effective civic education.

Equity by design

Arundhati Tulpule The class 9 subjects of political science of the Maharashtra State Board – social service and personality development – aim to introduce society and societal elements to the students. For this purpose, we, at Aksharnandan school, use a Read More …

Engaging with politics: teaching democracy

Alex M. George

Civics is a living subject. Students need to constantly engage with it in order to understand the nuances of living responsibly in a democracy. Unfortunately our textbooks treat this subject as static knowledge that can simply be imparted through the text. We need to re-imagine civics education if we want active civic engagement in our societies.

The political classroom

Joel Westheimer

Why do we shy away from discussing politics in the classroom? When politics, political parties and their strategies are such a big part of democratic functioning of a government shouldn’t we be encouraging political discussions in the classroom? If we want politically aware citizens, who can participate in their democracies, this is a change that we must make to our pedagogy.

Educative engagements

Neha Pradhan Arora

Getting children to actively participate in community engagement programmes is a wonderful way to impart the knowledge of civics in children. Community engagement programmes call on children to scan the problems in their communities and use their knowledge of the subject to help solve problems such as a drainage system, drinking water, cleanliness , etc. When children see the change their involvement brings their learning is all that much more.