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Learning to disagree – politely

Disagreement with the popular viewpoint is not accepted and is usually frowned upon. However, it is important that we create space for all kinds of viewpoints to co-exist in society. Having said that disagreeing doesn’t mean shouting down the other person. How we voice our disagreement is equally important. And classrooms are the best places to help encourage healthy discussions.

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Interconnecting insights

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

From a young age we put in a lot of effort to teach our children to be independent. But interdependence is part of nature. So while we are busy telling our kids the importance of being independent we must also help them realize how interdependent we are as a society, how interdependence is as necessary as independence.

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Building forward

B Ramdas and Rama Sastry

Based on their experience, the authors say sustaining a vision is not difficult if one understands that no two people can have the same vision and therefore if it is to flourish, one must be ready to allow another person to take the vision forward in his or her own way.

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Principle and passion

Madhulika Sagaram

This author, who reopened a learning centre which shut down earlier due to certain difficulties, believes that passion and perseverence can help sustain a vision

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By a different standard

Gurveen Kaur

Alternative ideas of education came into existence because of a reason. Alternative ideas fill the large gaps that mainstream education leaves behind. So while sustaining alternative ideas is not easy, it is important that one doesn’t give up on them.

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