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Creating safe school spaces

How can we help create school spaces where all those who work within it can be trusted? With schools too not being exempt from the ills of society, it is time to explore ways in which schools and teachers can be more vigilant and respond better to cases of child abuse and sexual harassment.

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Playward the way forward!

Sharmila Govande
What are the challenges that teachers face when they try to bring ‘play’ into lesson plans and use play as an effective medium to teach a particular concept?The main difficulty is to keep the noise levels down and also space constraints. So, how can teachers make ‘play’ organised and structured? This article tries to answer these questions.

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Quiz time for teachers

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
How do teachers respond to classroom situations or to any aspect of their teaching? Do their beliefs limit them from tackling things differently? Do teachers continue to do some things the same way even if they do not want to? Take this quiz and find out for yourself!

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From peer learning to bonding

Neeraja Raghavan
The second part of ‘In the staffroom ” deals with teachers sharing their strategies on how they can cater to different learning needs. From creating separate lesson plans to peer learning and bonding with children, these strategies will certainly prove to be helpful.

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Steel – the everyday metal

Sujata C
Steel can be found everywhere. It is an all-weather, all-terrain metal, it is recyclable, hygienic and very dependable. Just think, is there any industry or aspect of modern life that remains untouched by this versatile material?

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