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Drink the coffee while it’s hot

A carefully laid out plan may have its advantages and could propel teachers to complete what they had outlined with a sense of satisfaction, but come to think of it, are teachers missing out on experiencing the magic of certain moments in the classroom? Slight deviations in the classroom, prompted by children’s questions and doubts, will serve to help the teacher in putting aside the well laid out plan and go with the children. The outcomes may turn out to be better than the initial expectations.

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A lesson in self-assessment

A parent joins a school, not as an adult but as a child, to learn how assessment happens and how children face their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of it, he learns that the novel practice of assessment stays with him for life and not just in school.

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Free and unbounded

When a project is given to children, teachers tend to ask children to follow a given path, which makes the entire learning process rather drab. How about asking children to choose what and how they wish to work on a particular project? This article is a must read in that it explains how children enjoyed working on the project that they chose.

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Making science happen


When children decide how they want to learn science, they make it happen. They create their own methods and structure and also give reasons for doing what they do. Read up this interesting article to get some tips on how as a teacher, you could make your children choose their own method of learning.

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