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Why stories are told

Margaret Read MacDonald

Behind every storytelling is a purpose. And this purpose differs from teller to teller. Some tell to pass on moral values, some to keep their traditions alive, some to engage their students. What do you tell your stories?

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Therapeutic tales

Eric Miller

Have you felt that more and more children today fidget, are lonely, more aggressive, selfish, glued to their smart phones and ipads, spending more time indoors than outdoors? These are the signs of the modern times. But there certainly is a solution to all these problems and in one word that solution is–stories.

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Magical moments

Asmita Sarwade

Storytelling is an extremely rewarding experience for both the teller and the listener. Not only can the storyteller afftect the moods and views of the listener but he/she can also bring about a positive change in the listner. In this article the author narrates her expereince of sharing stories with ‘special’ children and how truly magical the journey has been.

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The healing power of stories

Deepa Kiran

Stories can develop your imagination, improve your listening skills, bring out the creativity in you, teach you values but most importantly stories can heal you, make you feel good. Here is why this is true and how you can use stories to heal yourself or your listner

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Stories in fact: narrative non-fiction

Usha Raman

When we think of stories we often identify with fiction. But then there are the other kind of stories as well–non-fiction. As a teaching aid, non-fiction is as valuable as fiction especially in high school. Narratives of explorers and scientists will make for a good and effective introduction to a new country or a scientific discovery. Try these suggestions in your classes.

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