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August 2014, Editorial »

[4 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Let’s introduce ourselves! | ]

The last issue of the magazine marked our 25th anniversary and celebrated the role of teachers in today’s complex education scenario. What we would have liked to have done, but did not have space for, was a glimpse into our very modest office to meet the small team behind Teacher Plus. With most of our […]

August 2014, Primary Pack »

[4 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on The long and short of ‘measurement’ | ]

Neerja Singh ‘Measurement’ as a lesson is a classic example of how removed our classroom can be from life around us. The metric table, standard units of measurement, our helpful mnemonics all work together to present this highly practical lesson in sterile and numerical terms to our students. It would take just one query on […]

August 2014, Things to Think About »

[4 Aug 2014 | 2 Comments | ]

Rupa Ramachandran The topic of learning difficulties has been in and out of the limelight for some time now. Much talked about, much misunderstood and mysterious to most people. When I was asked to share my experiences about teaching children with learning difficulties, I thought about what I should focus on. I felt that as […]

August 2014, Things to Think About »

[4 Aug 2014 | One Comment | ]

Bubla Basu Long before we were attacked by the likes of Pokemon, Schulz cartooned Peanuts for entire families to enjoy. There was an idea of happiness which he illustrated through his Charlie Brown characters. Happiness was being able to reach the doorknob, happiness was a bag of jellybeans of all colours – except green(!), happiness […]

August 2014, Math Speak »

[4 Aug 2014 | One Comment | ]

Monica Kochar The market is flooded with learning material for primary and middle school maths lessons. However, for senior classes the question remains – what is the best design for the lessons? This article is an attempt to answer that question. I have taken the topic of mathematical induction, for this is what students find […]

August 2014, Project »

[4 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Soil – The laboratory of life | ]

Sujata C The Earth is the only known planet with a soil cover. The word ‘Earth’ originally meant soil, later it began to mean the planet itself. A project on soil should be fun for children who love playing with it, getting their hands dirty, jumping into muddy pools. For the farmer, soil is no […]

August 2014, Nature Watch »

[4 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Fly on my wall | ]

Geetha Iyer “What sort of insects do you rejoice in, where you come from?” the Gnat inquired. “I don’t rejoice in insects at all,” Alice explained … Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass Insects are not the best liked creatures, especially flies. Irritating pests is how we dismiss them and their close relatives, the gnats, […]

August 2014, Let's Experiment! »

[4 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Water links | ]

Yasmin Jayathirtha During the holidays one takes a break from classes, curriculum, and the day-to-day planning of lessons. It is at this time that one thinks of one’s subject in a broader manner. The May/June issue of Teacher Plus on geography was particularly inspiring. The articles covered a wide range of disciplines and it got […]

August 2014, Teaching Practice »

[4 Aug 2014 | One Comment | ]

Geetika Saluja The 21st century demands that we all know how to think – to reason, analyze, weigh evidence, solve problems and to communicate effectively. These are no longer skills that only the elite in the society must master: they are essential survival skills for all of us. In schools today, students are not learning […]

August 2014, Ecowatch »

[4 Aug 2014 | Comments Off on Making notes…naturally! | ]

V Santharam Having introduced students to nature and the outdoors, how can we ensure that their interest in their surroundings and their inhabitants is kept alive? One of the ways in which one can sustain the interests of children in Nature is by maintaining a nature journal. A nature journal is a personalized record of […]