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Classroom Update, November 2010 »

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Sanskrit does not really require long hours of study. It is also possible to use the language in everyday communication.

November 2010, Primary Pack »

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Book clubs in schools help children engage with the world and themselves more deeply. Through creative activities, children can be made to ask questions, make connections with a text and their own lives, infer an author’s message, visualize a description and glean the gist of a book. Any teacher who has a passion for reading can conduct a book club. Cultivating lifelong readers is the greatest gift a teacher can bestow.

Comment, November 2010 »

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As the economy flourishes and the requirement for manpower grows, career guidance centres have stepped in trying to introduce courses to hone the skills of prospective candidates. This trend will continue and trickle down to schools trying to connect young learners directly to industry.

Event, November 2010 »

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All of us recognize the importance and influence of teachers in our lives but have we done anything to show our appreciation to our teachers? Teachers’ Academy organizes the Inspiring Teachers Awards every year as a platform for students to thank their teachers. Teacher Plus reports.

From the Principal's Desk, November 2010 »

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Schools, a decade ago, were largely content with academic performance as it is the key deliverable although ‘all round development’ was the stated mission. But today’s schools are moving into the demands of the five Cs for 21st Century living – content mastery, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

November 2010, The Other Side »

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Read how a student went about setting up a bakery in a school as part of her project, and how it became a tremendous learning experience.

November 2010, Things to Think About »

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Gender stereotypes are perpetuated in every social institution and schools are no exceptions. It is important for teachers to consciously treat their boy and girl students alike and develop gender neutral teaching material and encourage girls and boys to be high achievers.

November 2010, Tool Kit »

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The seven step process of teaching concepts gives students ample scope for experiencing and questioning while connecting it to their daily lives thus making them appreciate the concepts better.

First Steps, November 2010 »

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How did we learn a complete language – our mother tongue? A child mixes logic, pictures, actions, words and self reflection effortlessly, naturally, to learn a language on his/her own.

Ask and Answer, November 2010 »

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Learning a foreign language is always a challenge. Apart from the novelty, the fact that one knows a foreign language always sets one apart. But how does one teach the language so that students are able to speak the language and not just read and write? Read on to find out.