Schooling for life

Education becomes complete not just when children are taught the different subjects in school, but when they are given skills to deal with life situations.


Importance of the medium of instruction I read with great interest the cover story “Mother tongue to many tongues” which appeared in your January 2010 issue. I did my high school (what was then called SSLC) in the year 1954. Read More …

Lessons in problem solving

Panamalai R Guruprasad
There are no easy answers to the problems that life throws in our way. Our children have to learn to face life tomorrow and for that our textbooks have to be more flexible and pragmatic.

An open letter to teachers

Maya Menon
The Government of India passed the Right to Education Act in August 2009. Here’s taking a look at the key features of this landmark Act.

Theatre – the opening dialogue

Madhu Smriti Shukla
Do we look at theatre only as a means of entertainment? Or as something meant only for artistes? If we do then we need to reconsider our idea of theatre.

Life skills education in our schools

Sheela Ramakrishnan
Education is not something that we can leave behind in school. Education has to be something we carry with us through life. Literacy alone does not make one educated. Learning life skills alongside does.

Dice games in the primary classroom

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
Did you know that you could actually learn basic math and english using dice? Here are many simple games that are fun to play and at the same time educative.