Universalisation of primary math

Dr Vivek Monteiro
In the context of India, the problem of universalisation of elementary education has two important aspects.

The big deal with playing cards

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur The game ideas below are for children four upwards and primarily work on developing a sense of quantity, computational skills, and usage of operands. Why games? They are fun, involving, encourage open thinking; reinforce concepts Read More …

The unsolved problems

Dr SN Gananath
It is unfortunate but true. Most of the times when teachers and children are engaged in maths classes what they do is to make a few mathematical noises and very little ‘real’ maths.

Of movement and play

Seetha Anand
Young children are natural learners. They bring an informal mathematical knowledge (or number sense) and experience into the pre-school classroom.

Doing the math in poetry

Monica Kochar
I am a math teacher but I have always loved poetry. My interest in these two very different subjects made me wonder if I could bring them together in my classes.

Rule of thumb?

S Upendran
Consternation was probably writ large on my face when the wielder of the blue pencil informed me that the May-June issue of this magazine was to focus on mathematics.

The teacher puts you decades ahead

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
As a young student at St. Joseph’s College, I had the opportunity of watching a unique and divine personality go about the college campus every morning teaching mathematics to BSc (Honours) and MA (mathematics) students.

Get the numbers right

It’s summer again, with everything it brings – the heat, the dust, the mangoes, sugarcane juice… and best of all, holidays! But it is also a time of preparation, of cleaning out the old cupboards and readying them for new Read More …