I want to become a teacher

Chintan Girish Modi
“They eat meat; I won’t play with them,” said my seven year-old cousin from Vadodara, of his Muslim friends, a year after the riots in Gujarat, post-Godhra. It struck me hard.

Transparency and the teacher fee hike

Sujata Madhok
The Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations that teachers be given substantially higher salaries is a welcome, if belated, recognition of the role of the academic community in building the foundations of our democracy.

A peep into the past

As we got to reminiscing about the 20 years that Teacher Plus had been in existence, we decided to add to our stock of memories by asking past editors and those involved in creating the magazine to share with us pages from their Teacher Plus scrapbooks.

Experience Science hands-on

Dr. Lalit Kishore
Ever since science has become a part of environmental studies at the elementary school level, its importance is being neglected in the curriculum.

Dissipating aggression

Manju Gupta
Children who are aggressive in the classroom provide a considerable challenge to the teacher.

An index finger and his red little tail

S Upendran
A week before the place of leisure throws open its doors, the ‘eager’ beavers of ‘one form’ gravitate to their favourite stationary shop to buy the new ‘feathers’ and ‘little tails’ they require to keep themselves entertained in the garden.

Why do we ask why?

Ramgopal K
In teaching and learning, questions are a regularly used tool… Teachers use ‘Why’ questions with children as young as 5 years. But what do we want to teach the children through these questions?


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