The article titled “The theatre of English Language” (August 2008) sounded tempting and with the hope of getting some insight into making English teaching interesting I started reading it.

A right way to teach or learn?

Manju Gupta
Educationists are constantly trying to come up with effective ways to make children learn and use knowledge. Many who believe in the rote learning method argue that what was good for us and our parents is good for our children.

A teacher who inspires teachers

Neeraja Raghavan
Many a teacher, who has read the autobiography of Helen Keller, would doubtless have drawn inspiration from that beautiful story, for hers is a story that has provoked many a writer, film maker and script-writer to spin a tale from a life that is as awesome as it is stranger than fiction.

Fun games

Shailendra Gupta
Children love playing or doing activities that involve motor skills. While teaching we can think of many activities and games related to the topic we are dealing with, which will be both stimulating and involve thinking and problem solving.

The science of forecasting floods

Sudha Rangan
Turn around – don’t drown’ – that’s a slogan that one sees often on various posters in the corridors of the hydrology department of the National Weather Service in the United States.

Ancient wisdom and weather

Sujata C
Long, long ago, when humans were hunters and gatherers they observed the natural and heavenly phenomena keenly and concluded that certain things were indicators of others to follow.

The times how they change!

We’ve often heard that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But when we look at the world inhabited by our children, it’s difficult to agree with that.

Nature as our teacher

Seetha Anand Vaidyam
An educational compact disc that hopes to be a teacher aid material for environmental studies is at the very first glance a welcome relief since we do not have easily available Indian material on the subject.

Where’s the idea sirji?

Pankaj Sekhsaria
The poor condition of basic education in this country is well known to all and here are some basic facts to just get the evidence on it.