Childhood is precious It was heartening to read the cover story in the January issue of Teacher Plus, ‘Do singing stars sometimes sink audiences?’ by Chandita Mukherjee. Heartening because here is a sensible stand on the insensitive attitude towards children. Read More …

Happy under the ocean

Sheela Ramakrishnan and Rajika Dhiren
Happy decided to go diving in the ocean. The seagulls in the blue sky cried out to say “bye” as he plunged into the blue waters.

Teachers and the Law

Jyothi Padmanabhan Iyer
We hear often enough about the high expectations we have of teachers and the difficulties they face in terms of working conditions, compensation and resources available to do their job.

Experimenting in Math

S K Mahajan
It is a common belief among students that the subject of Mathematics has exhausted all possibilities of growth; that it is complete and has been fully explored.

How do I control my class?

Manaswini Sridhar
I will soon start teaching Kindergarten children. I have a B.Ed from a very good college. But as my first day draws closer, I am even more nervous than my students are likely to be.

Marking Time

Our project this issue deals with a theme that can be studied right from standard I to advanced levels of research. High school teachers may like to upgrade some of the ideas and apply the facts given to suit their Read More …

Building bridges

Shalini B
There are no boundaries to a teacher’s commitment,” remarked Mr. Maruti Ramprasad, Principal, Ramadevi Public School, referring to the ten-day Twinning Programme conducted in the school from November 19-26, 2008, possibly the first of its kind among the school community.

The textbook unbound

Kadambari Muttoo
A conference on ‘India’s Textbook Culture’ organised by Learn Today, the learning division of the India Today Group, held in December 2008, focused on how learning resources and textbooks are conceptualised, produced and used.

Bakul: Harnessing everyday energies

Sujit Mahapatra
The Bakul Foundation is a testament to what ordinary people can do if they want to. The foundation was set up to help people realise their power and role in bringing about a change in society.